I am just one person...one person who has a overwelming passion for creating video games and to create amazing apps from concept sheet to completed project. I love everything retro and have been a keen video games player since my early teens like most but now I am making my dreams come true with the ability now to create iOS iphone, ipad and Android applications.

Here at Zombiebrains, I came up with a design studio with only one vision really, to create fun, exciting and apps that get people talking!

What makes a good app? Good question. In my eyes, a great app has to be carefully crafted and created from sketchpad to a fully developed product with lots of love put into it. Design, playability and addictiveness are all important but also being played universally as there are truly many of us out there but we need to feel that the app was created just for us to enjoy...that is the key to a great app. A worldwide phenomenom app, now we can all aspire to create one of those!

Let the hard work begin!

  • iOS iphone

    I develop for the iphone mobile device.

    Ninja Nuisance is my first entry into the iTunes app store and with more app's to follow...how much fun are we going to have?

  • iOS ipad

    I have also developed Quaddles to be a pure ipad application.

    The ipad is a very exciting platform to develop for and with the increased screen size and processing power, I have the ability to produce truly visual impressive titles.

  • Android Mobile

    Quaddles will be my very first app to appear on the Android platform. I am looking forward to future releases on Android and also possible conversions of some of my iOS games/applications.