Calling all soldiers

Tongue Of War is a great addition to anyone who plays online First Person Shooters, like Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor, Halo and others. I am a great fan of these games and I created this soundboard app in homage to those great online shooters.

Tongue Of War allows you to have unique themes sayings at your fingertips, which you can play your microphone to enhance the experience. These can be played in any order or you can select ‘Auto Mode’ which will select every 5 seconds a random phrase. There are 64 phrases in total and a special ‘Favorites’ panel, where I have selected 9 phrases that I think sum up most saying you might want to use in a game session. I have created 8 different phrase panels to choose from, these include…Newbie, Camper, Hiding, Explosives, Weapons, Grenades, Stealth & Abilities and Death.You can use them all in your game situations and they really enhance the experience and add a sense of humor to your online matches...their a real hoot!!!

You can also just use the soundboard as a sound application and have fun with your friends playing the phrases.

NOTE: This application is not an official application linked to any online first person shooter…it’s just for fun!

Tongue Of War is now available through iTunes

iTunes App Store Link - Right Here!!!