ZOMBIEBRAINS star assault

From the creator of 'Tankatron', comes a new retro arcade experience...Star Assault.

Star Assault is a look back at the golden age of arcade fun with sound bips and colourful retro graphics.

As the defender of Earth, the evil Koron empire is sending all their alien attack ships straight for Earth!

You can defend the Earth with the new K1A mine... Plant these mines to hopefully stop the onslaught of the Koron Empire! Be very careful though, as Earth has only a minimum amount of shield to protect itself.

If you successfully destroy formations, you will be rewarded bonus that will go towards replenishing Earth's shield up to full strength.

How many formation Koron ships can you destroy and how many human lives can you save?

Play this great retro arcade game and take yourself back to a golden age, an era of great gameplay and simple fun!

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HOW TO PLAY. You get 5 defence mines that you can place anywhere on the game screen. Try and predict where the Koron ships are going to fly up the screen. Defend the earth as best you can.

Destroy all the Koron alien ships to win the wave...

Enjoy and remember, Earth's people are depending on you!!!

Star Assault is now available to purchase from the Apple iTunes store, here is the link...

iTunes App Store Link - Right Here!!!