On this page, you will find a few examples of graphic design projects and some 3D model renders I have created myself or from commissioned projects I have been involved with.

I work in a variety of styles and I feel my artwork is not set in one style and I can change and can shift styles depending on the subject or the commission.

I do hope you find my work interesting and I am always happy to work on new commissions, being it video game related, CD cover artwork or logo design.

NOTE: ADG watermark added to images to protect copyright.


I am always trying out new ideas and the images below were created for a series of canvas prints and also a few greetings cards. I am very pleased how these have turned out. The two card designs (Boy & Girl) are a very much different look to most designs of greeting cards but that was the idea behind them...to stretch my imagination and come up with something a little different.


ZOMBIEBRAINS Poster & logo designs

I really enjoy to create logos and posters as they really need to be striking to grab a viewers attension. Here are two exmaples of a logo and a poster that I was commisioned to work on.


ZOMBIEBRAINS 3d studio max early models

A few years back, well about 8 years I was in the process of creating some 3D models of some futuristic characters for a video game shoot-em-up'. I had the script of a 3D isometic shoot-em-up with a mechanical look and I created all the in-game main characters for the game, 4 of which are shown below.

Here are some 3D renders of a Game & Watch design I created, which was part of a series of images to be used in a video game releated series of t-shirts.


I received a commission to create a CD cover for a musician called Hermit and after hearing his tunes, I came up with this artwork. It was very well received by the artist.

I also demonstrated my style when working on a draft version of the album 'Take me home' by the band Letters To Leaders. The groups main vocalist very much liked the artwork I created but alas they decided to go with another image.