Ever found yourself in a situation where you need to tell a joke or someone has asked you if you knew any?

We'll, Poke A Joke is the perfect app for you!

It contains over 3000 jokes, with reference to some of the funniest jokes of their time.

Poke A Joke, contains jokes on the following genre's...

Doctor Doctor jokes, Yo Momma Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, Walks Into A Bar jokes, Funny Pun jokes and One Liner jokes.

There is also a random joke generator which will pick a jokes from any of the above categories at random!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these jokes are of an adult nature and are suppose to be funny and are not intended to offend...please be aware before purchasing!

Instructions: If you wish to go to another joke section, then just press the JOKEAVISION screen and you will be taken back to the selection screen...easy peasy!

iTunes App Store link - Right Here!