Mexican Mouthful is my second app for the iphone based around my love of old westerns and bandit movies. I designed this app to be colourful and loud and catch the Mexican flavour.

The app has 36 unique speech phrases and 4 fighting effects so you can pretend to be a Mexican bandit in the deep planes and fight your way through to wealth and fame.

There are two modes, 'Fight Show' and 'Speech Show'. Fight Show allows you access to the chosen weapons of a Mexican bandit, Six-shooter gun, Rifle, Whip and Dynamite! Sound Show gives you 36 speech effects which you can use to put fear and dread into your enemies.


You Tube link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFJb8XZf1xM

Mexican Mouthful is now available to purchase from the Apple iTunes store, here is the link...

iTunes App Store Link - Right Here!!!