Fantastic is a new game experience like no other.

Fantastic is a visual assault with the goal of catching as many space cubes as possible. Your role as The Guardian, is too catch and imprison as many cubes as possible before you run our of cube shots.

Catch cubes and earn points with multipliers and bonus points…can you catch a cube in one shot!

Fantastic is a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours and awesome graphics sound FX and intertwined with addictive game play.

WARNING: Fantastic features awesome colour effects, which can me overpowering to some people. If swirling multiple rainbow colour effects causes discomfort then we suggest you play something else or you can just come along on our fantastic ride and enjoy the experience.

Fantastic is essentially a skill game…it is fun, colourful, addictive and calming.

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You Tube Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaxCSobIDiY

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